One style, 4 decades

The general catalog ofthe works of Davide Tedeschini is under construction: the 700 works of various techniques and supports have been realized from 1984 to 2019. the entire work can be divided into 4 decades: Years 80, 90, 2000 and ends with the 'current, from 2010. The subdivision is not really stylistic as there is a continuity determined by the topoi dear to the artist, which revolve around the identity of modern and contemporary art and the role of the artist in society. Probably the most obvious are the 'conflict' and the 'loneliness'. In this succession of images - of trees / flowers, fields / landscapes, nudes / carcasses-bodies - which are revived as metaphorical structures of the world and of life, there are events of discontinuity (also cataloged and useful for understanding the style of 'artist). go to the general catalogue >>>