30 Tedeschini's artworks on 13 March auction


The atmosphere is that of 'I am legend', movie in which Will Smith barricades himself in the house because at night the zombies, born from the escape and proliferation of a virus made in laboratory, could attack him. The humanitarian and environmental catastrophe, typical of a certain Hollywood film production has unfortunately not remained relegated to film.

While the national health emergency is raging, everyone tries to dedicate themselves to their own things, although they are in the red zone, they are confined to home. It is as if by absurdity a meteorite had violently impacted the earth's crust, with all the catastrophic manifestations that follow, so every inhabitant is obliged to make supplies of food, water, medicines. In this end-of-the-world climate, in which every human being is a potential threat of contagion, - a film already seen but never experienced - the online auction of 30 works of contemporary art by Davide Tedeschini will be held.

From 'Europe' to 'Before the explosion' works auctioned from 1995 to 2020 are auctioned, in which we note the usual metamorphoses that we have recognized in the years of postmodernism: from oil painting on canvas to the chromatic assembly on wood. The authors of reference are primarily the german neo-expressionists and the Italian transavantgarde, currents of the 60s and soloists such as Schifano and Penk, and perhaps more famous American artists such as the last Twonbly or Hodgkin.

The auction will be held on March 13 on Catawiki. the online auction portal at: https://www.catawiki.it/a/320567?utm_source=&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=auction_inform_sellers_about_auction_published&utm_content=&utm_term=