nl-Ultimo quadro all’asta: Nostalgia monumentale


The largest oil painting on heavy canvas ever painted by Davide Tedeschini, height 208 cm x width 299 cm and 4 cm thick in 2020. Weight 18 kg. Present in the general catalog of the works of the Italian artist at n.736 with the title: 'Nostalgia for modern art in a wood'. On the back at the bottom the author's signature and year of execution (photo). It can be used in museums, stately homes, art galleries, hotel lobbies, conference rooms, it can also be stored in a tube. The technique is oil-based even with the use of a mixed-oil technique, all fixed and treated against light aging. It is a postmodern figurative, with accents of manner that evoke metaphysical Italian painting or contemporary mannerism, the great masters of modernity, Renoir, Picasso, Matisse, Manet etc ... The painting is rolled up and sent together with the wooden frame, reassemblable, inside two plastic tubes, with hardware and nails for fixing canvas and assembly instructions. There is a perfect repair patch, of a 0.5 cm cut, as tradition of the great Venetian looms. Masterpiece.