Virtua exhibition


The artist Davide Tedeschini known for texts on art such as 'Senza arte nè parte' or 'Ridateci la Gioconda' including one on Futurism written with Cecchini (author of the symbolic gesture of having colored the Trevi fountain red) and promoter of civic initiatives such as the 'Petizione Zeri' or happening at the Pinna gallery on the occasion of the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall or as a winner in New York of the Celeste prize online, now acquired by the Alfred Skull Gallery in Ghent ( Be), MF gallery in Ipswich (UK), and Poleschi auction house in Milan, as a reaction to the climate of cultural immobility: "Waiting for a return to normality and everyday life, it is necessary to strive a common thread between normal activities and 'remote'passing from virtual exhibitions of high-definition photos of paintings (on as a process to the exhibition in the presence that does not mean participating but founding places". Davide Tedeschini will exhibit at StArt Venice 2021 the first edition of a series of art exhibitions contemporary organized by Mario Mazzoleni and Arianna Forni from 18 September to 7 November at the SanBasilio arterminal in Venice in conjunction with the architecture biennale.

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