Acrylic painting on poplar board 4mm thick, with thick colors, without frame, reinforced on the sides with 4 x 4 cm strips. Sideways to the table are applied planed / rough strips painted in white for the day display. On the back in addition to the writing bearing the title: 'Field of wheat' there is the author's signature and the year. The theme is initially presented in the catalog: 'Davide Tedeschini' by Muccigrosso, Miceli, 2018. Miceli writes: The dialogue between man and nature is perceived as nuanced as in the 'Wheat field' where the sturdy stalks of cereals can be combined with primordial darts planted in the soil. Even where the theme may appear to be present, the gesture is ancient, original. "The painting is present in the General Catalog of works by Davide Tedeschini at n.636 with the title" Field of wheat ", acrylic on wood, 2019.

700,00 €