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Great work created in March, 2020. Assembled with tempera and acrylic painting on poplar board, canvas, and furniture pieces, with thick colors, finished, weight 10Kg. Each part of the artwork was created by the artist by hand, both the support and the colors, made with pigments and glues. On the back, in addition to the writing bearing the title: 'Nero "year and signature of the author. The work can be exposed without a frame and has been properly planed and cleaned. Abstract pictorial works measures 115 x 89 ranging from € 500 to € 700. Other assembled works date back to 2010, (Celeste Prize int. in New York). It is reviewed at AA.VV. Catalog of modern art n.55, Editorial Giorgio Mondadori, 2019, Milan (photo). The painting is present in the Catalog General of Davide Tedeschini's works at number 704 with title "Nero", assembled, 2020

2,000.00 €