The art history teaches us that long periods of uncertainty are characterized by a change in cultural models showed by new artworks. We can see similar events at the beginning of the twentieth century in conjunction with the world wars, a period characterized by the so-called 'avant-gardes' and the proliferation of 'isms' which correspond about a...

Since March the Tedeschini's art changed towards the use of occasional materials, and no longer traditional ones such as cotton or linen canvases, poplar or fir wood boards, that he used to paint and set up.

The auctions on Catawiki continue, despite the often uncertain climate that reigns in the world. Europe and its problems are still at the center of the interest of art. Or is art excluded?
Auction closing: EUROPA at the link:

36 new artworks have been archived in the general catalog of Davide Tedeschini (the latest in the figure). The general catalog consisting of all the artworks created between, 1984 and 2020. All the artworks can be consulted on the page: ARCHIVE by registering on the site.

In short, institutional art is a budget matter and every middle -class artist could resume his uncompleted discourse when new materials and awarenesses enter their lives, but every research need to be sponsored. Then the middle-class artist needs a graduation level of knowledge on the history and on how ecommerce and marketing work;