A happy wish at Tedeschini's auction


In the 51 works on auction online, about twenty informal works stand out, which need a more careful analysis. If at first glance the abstract and the informal conjugated with the recent meaning of 'poor art' stand out in the 60s (although Kandisky's first abstracts are from the beginning of the century), it would be appropriate to consider the wave of novelties that the internet 'network' is leading to this genre, which has now flowed into a thousand streams. One of these is undoubtedly the accumulation - we do not refer to that technique used by the interpreters of the French Noveau Realism -, that is, the use of the color used in an overwhelming and quantity way, without taking care of all that previously the color has meaning in modern figurative art.

This occurs in an unprecedented way, with the spontaneity of artists who have now replaced the obsolescence of traditional galleries with the recent means of disseminating and selling their works. In addition to the personal baggage of each individual artist, the new means of dissemination seems to have contributed to limiting - we hope on a new expressive path - the inhibitory brakes that prevent art from reaching the highest peaks of the communication of emotions. Examples are the works of Tedeschini at auction from 20 to 27 on Catawki, a means that would allow anyone to be part of the history of art by coming into possession of one or more works by the artist.