2019 art sales: Tedeschini flies over 60,000%


From  'informal' to  'figurative': all the data of the artworks sold in 2019 by the Italian artist. 

Lapidary percentages are those communicated by Davide Tedeschini for 2019 compared to 2018: the artist has marked a + 60000% having made the sale beyond all expectations. The artist is therefore a professional even if his activity has been for over 30 years of research. The works sold are mostly informal-abstract (62%) works such as Libertà and Europa, among which also include ITALY 122x88 cm mixed technique on wood, 2019 (in photo), works with a marked material and chromatic sense often on wood.

Another 10% of all the artworks sold in 2019 are often dedicated to the 'wheat fields' or to black and white paintings, a sort of union between the abstract and the modern figurative. (in the picture: Wheat field, Crows and Oak 263 x 224 cm cm, acrylic on canvas, 2018). 

Of the works sold, the remaining 16.5% are nudes of different sizes ranging from 60x80 to 70x100 in oil on canvas, made in 2004 and 2017, in which French and Italian historical influences are reflected. 

in photo Davide Tedeschini, Nude at night, oil on canvas, 60x 80 cm, 2017. 

Finally, there is also space for subjects with modern figuration (11.5%), usually oil on canvas as 'Italian landscape' (photo low) and rural scenes (Scena campestre) with the restoration of typologies often of great impact in search of monumentality, perhaps lost in art contemporary, a pictorial journey towards synthesis that preserves in its identity the spirit of an art that will never die. 

The works published in this article are auctioned on Catawiki


Davide Tedeschini, 'Italian Landscape', oil on canvas, 95 x 110 cm, 1999