51 artworks for Christmas 


The auction of 51 works by Davide Tedeschini is taking place from 20 to 27 December. 

Roman artist born in '74, he paints works of different materials,  oil and acrylic on wood or canvas, mixed techniques, including large ones. Recent artworks concern abstract subjects with some presence of old works from the 90s. 

Topics dear to the artist are: the 'field' intended as a metaphor for the human multitude; the tree as solitude; the 'house' as an autobiographical trace. For a more careful analysis, any recurring object in the art history  (for example the 'mountain' of Cezannian memory) are simulacra of the author's body, of his painting, in a heterogeneous flow that perhaps reminds us of Picasso, Matisse, or their diatribe, but also the more recent Bacon and Schifano in constant search for a formula against the already seen or the dominant fashion. To such an extent that the abstract - to which it gives the name of person - is itself nothing more than a product of this process of perennial projection of something onto something else, dear to the fathers of modern and contemporary art. (M.S.)