Holy asphalt


The work is small, 60 x 60 cm oil on canvas of 2021, in particular executed in June with other small works. The title of the work which in the artistic activity is intended to relativize the content of the picture, even the pictorial quality, is an evocation, dear to the author. There is talk of 'asphalt' and 'sacredness', diametrically opposed things if we consider that sacred gestures are not consumed on the sidewalk or on the road. It is often in the open air and not in a place of worship, nor is the asphalt associated with the sacred if not for a human sacrifice of which we recognize the imprint. The asphalt is also often the absence of the pavement and as such a place not worthy of welcoming a sacrifice and a dirty place by definition; We do not know if the blood spilled on the asphalt is of a human being or an animal but deep down we understand that it is a current holocaust - the sacrifice on urban soil - that we often see and on which we had not yet reflected. In this case we touch on the murder in the street, taken up in many crime news photographs (I remember instead a famous one by Oliviero Toscani, part of a hype). Yet painting makes everything worthy of consideration, a world whose meaning remains ambiguous and mysterious.


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