Guls and Big Crows on auction: this is real art

A critical reading of  any complacency extraneous paintings   by Davide Tedeschini from 8 to 17 November auctioned on
pictures: Davide Tedeschini, "Gabbiani" cm 120 x110, acrylic on wood, 2018

"The flight is an exercise for elitist souls. Careful to scrutinize  everything that happens from above the sky, the gulls explain the wings in cosmic movements, destined to cut the air. Careful to scrutinize everything that happens from the top of the frost: the seagulls spread their wings in cosmic movements destined to cut the air. Their destiny is migration, a continuous atavistic nomadism. For genetics, survival, emblem (raptor) of a humanity that does not want to become extinct. Pure, white feathers, yet black: instinct. Like ancient signs of missing grammars, the seagulls of Davide Tedeschini tell timeless stories about the meaning of life. With mysterious simplicity, like a flight whose beginning and end are unknown. The sky is the frame of a magical dance.

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Text by Davide Miceli

foto: Davide Tedeschini, "Grandi Corvi" 226 x 264 cm, acrilico su tela, 2018.