Some recommended features of artworks to buy by online market at the moment.

As you know, the most exciting way to live in the world of contemporary art is to take part by purchasing an artwork that will re-evaluate over time. This is even more interesting when buying stocks for those wishing to resell the artworks as house decoration.  There is no limit to this market as the artwork is offered at affordable prices and therefore cannot lose its value. Otherwise the lowprice-artworks could be destined for the high market if the artworks over time are recognized as durable and appreciated more than just furnishing objects. This is the case of very good artworks but which are not put on the market with a virtual price, as happens with virtual coins. To consider whether an artwork has these characteristics, we need to see the artist's curriculum vitae, his performance over the years, the quantity of sales under which there is no inertial volume of consideration. We must not forget the quality of the material used and the collector's ability to preserve the artwork. Certainly we cannot resell anartwork that we would not be able to preserve for more than 10 years and that will be destroyed or that we are unable to restore. Therefore it is good to consider that a wooden work is more reliable than a work on canvas if we are small buyers, and a box where to keep the artwork is no less important. So a new Catawiki Auction is beginning about two of these paintings: 'Felicità apparente' and 'Orizzonte', available at the link:

Pictorial artworks on poplar panel with dimensions 115 x 89 cm from 2020. The paintings are finished and ready for day exposure without frames.